Counselling for Individuals

A place to talk in confidence

Counselling for individuals is available online or by phone, face to face session are available for those local to Chester. I also offer the option of a 'walk & talk' session within the Cheshire counstryside. Sessions help individuals with issues including low mood, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, loss or grief, and more.

The beginning

Sometimes we go through life on autopilot, following an unwritten plan without even realising it. Our experiences, the people around us, our families, friends, and societal expectations all shape how we live. It can feel like we're just going through the motions, not really living fully. Often, people come to therapy because their thoughts and feelings don't match up – we call this 'incongruence' in counselling. Together, we'll uncover these inner conflicts, find new ways to manage them, heal past hurts, release trauma, and help you feel at peace with yourself. I believe our pain can teach us a lot, and we all have the strength within us to overcome tough times, no matter how difficult they seem.

How do I work

As a person-centred counsellor, my commitment to you goes beyond just sitting in a room together. It's about creating a space where you feel seen, heard, and truly understood. It's about building a relationship based on trust, empathy, and genuine connection. As a unique individual with your own story, struggles, and strengths, my job isn't to tell you what to do or how to feel—it's to help you uncover the answers that are already within you. Together, we'll embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. We'll navigate the ups and downs, the highs and lows, with compassion and understanding. I'll be right there beside you, every step of the way.

So whether you're struggling with anxiety, facing a tough decision, or simply feeling lost in life, know that you don't have to go it alone. I'm here to walk with you, to listen without judgement, and to support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

What will our sessions be like together?

In our initial meeting, we can start to get to know each other and discuss what has brought you to counselling, your expectations and goals. I will explain how the counselling process works and you can ask any questions you may have. You will always be involved in any decisions we make.

Within our main sessions, feel free to share whatever's on your mind—there are no forbidden topics. There's no need to prepare or have an agenda; I want us to have a genuine and meaningful connection where you can be your true self without any pretence. If you're open and honest, solutions will naturally emerge for you, but it's up to you whether you want to follow your own advice.

You can learn to truly hear what you need, sort out any negative or unhelpful thoughts holding you back from your goals, and start accepting yourself for who you are. It might not be straightforward, but the changes you make can be really fulfilling and can totally transform your life.

"People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I can let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a little on the right-hand corner, and put a bit more purple along the base, and use a little more pink in the cloud colour." I don't do that. I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch it with awe as it unfolds." Carl Rogers

Some of the issues I can help with inlcude: Anxiety, sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem, health issues, relationships, sadness, life transitions, bereavement, menopause, work-life balance.

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