Finding the Right Counsellor: The Importance of a Strong Therapeutic Relationship
The search... You've realised that you aren't feeling like yourself and may be experiencing persistent sadness. Despite trying various self-help methods, such as walking daily, eating better, and aiming for a good night's sleep, you still feel lost and are struggling. You decide to explore therapy and begin searching for a counsellor. This process can […]
Why does losing a pet hurt so much?
The pain of losing a pet is very real because the emotions you shared with your pet were genuine. The grief you feel is valid because you didn't lose an object—you lost someone close and special to you. The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists describes grief as "the biopsychosocial response to bereavement and can […]
The Human-Animal Bond
For over six decades, researchers have delved into the profound bond between humans and animals, shedding light on its strength and significance. This bond transcends mere companionship; it sees animals integrated as cherished members of our families, offering intimacy, and unwavering support. Remarkably, these qualities mirror the depth of connection found in human-to-human relationships, sometimes […]
Self-Care – taking care of ourselves
Self-care is about making time for activities that keep you feeling good, both physically and mentally. It helps you handle stress, stay healthy, and feel more energized. Even doing little things for yourself each day can make a big difference. Self-care involves activities that promote physical and mental well-being. Here are some tips: Exercise regularly, […]
Breaking the Silence: Creating Safe Spaces for Pet Loss Grief
Since childhood, I have shared my life with animals, each one holding a special place in my heart and memories. They have consistently brought enrichment, comfort, unconditional love, and sheer joy into my life. Among them, the two cats depicted in the photo are Bailey, positioned on the left, and Bella, on the right, both […]

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